Why We Love To Blog: Blogging As Therapy

September 18, 2019 Off By Soham Collins

A groom’s best man has many responsibilities. When the role was first created it was to help a best friend to kidnap his chosen bride from a nearby village and then guard against her trying to escape during the ceremony. Thankfully, those days are gone. If you’re asked to be a best man in the modern era, it’s a given that the bride is a willing participant and, arguably, your most important task will be to plan a successful stag party.

Years personal intrest ago I witnessed the perfect metaphor for this secret self. I live in Colorado where it tends to be sunny and dry. One year we got more moisture than usual. Later that week, I had new plants present themselves in my garden. They just sprung up. Of course when I saw these new flowers that I’d never planted, I wondered if I hadn’t been blessed by the handiwork of urban fairies. But a gardener friend had another explanation. She told me that the seeds had always been there. Until now, they hadn’t gotten sufficient moisture. But with the new weather conditions, the seeds had finally gotten what they needed to grow into their potential.

Taking action is moving forward, which is great, but adding inspiration is the key element most people miss. Taking “Inspired Action” is moving with a purpose, a mission with a goal in mind. Align your head with your heart and your desires.

Listen To Anthony Robbins: I thought his infomercials were pretty cheesy too. But I’m telling you, throwing him on your ipod and listening to him every morning will do wonders for your motivation. I include listening to him in my “personal success routine” every morning.

It is time consuming: Most of these sites require you to update your personal stats, which can be quite time consuming and boring at times. Websites like Friendster can be interesting to a certain point but they are not information rich at all. Moreover, career opportunities definitely win over social networking due to their being more personal and focused.

The list goes on: Barbara Hershey, 60 (hubbie, 39), Mariah Carey, 39 (hubbie 28), Ivana Trump. 59 (4th husband, Rossano Rubicond, 36). Madonna, Jennifer Anniston… etc. etc. And lest we forget, Levi Johnston (the father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild) “cougared” comedienne Kathy Griffin, although it’s now kaput. (Watch it! It’s a giggle).

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