Sustainable Living – 5 Huge Changes Most People Never Consider

August 14, 2020 Off By Soham Collins

There is also power found in water and that process is referred to as hydropower. It can create much more energy at one time than either solar power or wind power. This is due to the fact that water is so dense.

On your appliance you will see the number of watts that each appliance uses. A washing machine creating its own hot water for example might 2000 watts. This is 2 kilowatts per hour.

If you have the qualification then applying for this job can be one of the best steps for you. There is actually a huge demand for the power these days which has led to its growth.

Of all the energy used in the United States, 39% comes from oil, 23% from natural gas, 24% from coal, 6% from hydropower, 7% from nuclear and only 1% from renewable energy such as solar. Americans get 51% of their electrical power from coal, 20% from nuclear, 18% from natural gas, 2% from petroleum, 9% from renewable energy. Just imagine the money that could be saved by converting to solar energy.

For my current job, I typically travel a few times a year to the US, and I find it really surprisingly that most cafeterias don’t have recycling bins or curbside recycling is almost non-existent south of the border. Most of my customers I speak with are embarrassed by this lack of initiative by their governments and it was then that I realized that without some form of legislation, it would be very difficult for any country to adopt a more environmentally conscious mindset. For example, you would think Germany would not be a very good country for solar energy generation. However, if you ever fly over some cities in Germany, you would see rooftops upon rooftops of solar panels. It’s because the German government has provided subsidies for solar panel installations.

Sounds familiar. The gold this time around is the free energy around us on a daily basis. There’s enough gold in them thar hills, I mean solar energy emanating from the center of our system to provide more than enough energy the world could consume. We just have to find the means to harvest that energy without breaking the bank and do it cheaper than we can by either digging coal out of the ground or sucking and processing crude oil.

Look for the patterns. Look for patterns based on location, age, male or female, sales, service, leadership, mid level managers, senior officers. Patterns will help you further sort the depth and breadth of negativity. Learning how to create sustainable energy begins as a way of “being”. The patterns may be mysterious and you may need an outside perspective. There is a reason for the pattens. Begin by thinking of your organization which has a personality, and would you be consider this personality a loyal friend?