Sleep Apnea And Insomnia Sufferers Should Seek Help Urgently

September 19, 2019 Off By Soham Collins

Do you find yourself having trouble falling asleep? Is your lack of sleep interfering with your daily life? Do you think that you will never be able to get a good night’s sleep again? If so, then this article is for you. Read on to uncover some simple tricks that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep naturally, without the use of drugs.

Avoid medicines that keep you up. Some of the commonly prescribed medications for falling asleep asthma blood pressure or heart ailments disrupt sleep. If your medicine has been keeping you up, tell your doctor about it. You may be given alternative medication.

Lay on your back, arms resting at your side, eyes closed, and take deep breaths. Contract and release your muscles beginning with your toes and work your way up in the direction of your shoulders and down to your fingertips.

Believe it or not but exercise before bedtime can help you fend off insomnia. Doing some low impact cardio a few hours before bedtime can help you release the energy of the day and help you to unwind before bed. Also limit the amount of food and fluid you consume before bed as well. Digestion of food during the middle of the night may wake you up and keep you up as well.

Cutting down on this can drastically help cure your insomnia. Another thing to try and remember is to not do any exercise or watch any violent or disturbing movies before bed. Many times these can cause insomnia. Another thing to keep in mind is that being on the computer is a major reason for many peoples Trouble Falling liquid sleep aid. The computer screen acts as a false light source and tricks your body into thinking that its still daytime. And on top of that the internet can be very addictive and you can find your self up until the wee hours of the night on it.

Because of the various economic problems we are facing, many of us are worried about whether or not we will have a job the next day, who is coming up behind us to take our place, how much work we will have to get done, how we will be able to pay the bills, etc. We worry about the rising cost of health care, which ironically enough, causes us to fall ill. We worry about worrying. Perhaps if we busied ourselves then we wouldn’t have all of this time to worry. But even when we are keeping busy, we are still worrying. It’s the worrying that drives us to work well beyond the required 40 hour workweek. Some of us think that by working more hours, it will somehow impress the boss. In the meantime, we neglect our health and our families: more stress.

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