Kids In The Kitchen: Chocolate Orange Bars

August 31, 2019 Off By Soham Collins

Say good-bye to 2008 and 2009 in style, with one of these unique 2009 New Year’s Eve party themes. There will be no cowboy hats or Mardi Gras beads in sight.

Make the chocolate sprinkles by allowing the chocolate to set up in the freezer. Place the wax paper containing the frozen chocolate onto a flat surface. Cover with a second piece of wax paper. Tap the chocolate with a hammer, large metal spoon, or even an ice crusher. Place the sprinkles in a bowl with a spoon and keep refrigerated until needed.

Eating out. Most back to school shopping days take more than a few hours and you end up eating at a fast food joint, which can get expensive if you are buying kid’s meals for everyone.

Next, mix in a variety of personalized chocolate singapore bars. This added touch to your candy wedding favors will be appreciated by all of your guests. Make sure you have enough chocolate bar wedding favors for each guest to take one. Everyone loves candy bars and will want to take one home with them! If you do not want to mix the chocolate bars into your wedding centerpiece, consider putting one at each place setting.

Treats. Let’s face it, no one expects their kids to be perfect for hours of trudging through stores collecting all the school supplies, so little things like personalized chocolates and toy cars tend to become part of the trip.

What’s stopping you from doing it yourself and “rolling your own” so to speak? Grab a pan, grab some strawberries and chocolate, get a cookie sheet with some parchment paper and you are good to go with a few more details…

Okay, if you really can’t help yourself and you want to throw away that intense workout with chocolate milk, do your body a big favour and go with the 250ml carton. I can sip one of those down in less than 30 seconds and it’s just not worth it!