How To Make Easy, Fast Money Online Without Spending A Dime

July 25, 2019 Off By Soham Collins

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The story of Captain Ron is so freaking awesome: the Harvey family of Chicago inherits an old sailboat and decides to throw caution to the wind and sail it from somewhere in the Caribbean to Miami where they will sell it. Since they’re not sailors, they hire “Captain Ron” to sail the boat and teach them how along the way.

Writing blog s on the internet can be a lucrative business if done competently and marketed properly. Using Facebook as a marketing tool for a my collections is a wise move if you intend to make it big as a blogger. However, since Facebook is a personalized social networking site, there is an unwritten protocol to follow. Bombarding Facebook friends with news feeds about your blog is a no-no. You can be branded as a spammer by doing this and your friends might hide or even delete you in their friends list. Keep in mind that Facebook communication relies heavily on the approval of one or both of the parties involved.

Create a tag line for your goal. Marketers use tag lines to catch people’s attention to their offerings. Remember the famous Coca Cola tagline – always coca cola? Tag lines are short keywords and phrases that are easy to remember. Create a tagline for your goal.

And many other things, but this article concerns those backlinks. After compiling the list of article and video directories that I mentioned earlier I found something very surprising and extremely valuable if acted upon.

While article directories had an average PR of 3 or 4 video directories averaged PR’s between 7 & 8. The higher a PR level is with 10 being the top the better it is. I honestly expected the PR’s between the two different types of directories to be near the same.

While I am not a fan of totally out-sourcing this effort (your brand, your message and your posts need to be coordinated which is often best done in-house), you can certainly get someone to help.