How To Find Inspiration

March 26, 2020 Off By Soham Collins

It’s been a busy post processing week, going from out of the camera photo to creating art. The problem I had was in the naming. Every piece I create I give a name and sometimes that name is hard to come by. In a name, there are times when it’s obvious and then there are times when I have to wait for the name to tell me it’s true nature. So I’ve been waiting around for name inspiration.

You can motivate as well as force yourself to scrub the spots out of your carpet. However, that does not mean you will enjoy what you have just accomplished. In fact, you will do everything in you power to prevent future spots.

Make up your mind, consider the cost-benefits and make a decision. The space between doing and not doing is called ambivalence. Continuously dancing ‘the ambivalence dance’ is very tiring, disempowering and ultimately does not get you anywhere. Stop trying; just do it or don’t! Ultimately it is that easy.

So you want to come up with new ideas, inspiring new content for a story, or maybe you just want to know for certain what you want to do in life. Well, you’re not alone. thousands of people want to find inspiration every day, for various reasons. Some people want to know how to find Follow and like my page for art, how to find inspiration for writing a song, how to find inspiration for learning a new skill, the list goes on.

Let’s look at the angler for a moment. If the fisherman eyes were open to the truth about work his motivation would increase. He is not excited about work because he is thinking negative, self-defeating thoughts. I hate work. Work is no fun. I dread work because it is work.

Remember if the brain’s error code and therefore its alarm system get activated by making a change, this does not mean the change is wrong or you are in danger.

Other times the motivation will be spot on, you will realize “Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for to drive me”. Then use it. If motivation makes you act, use it. If it doesn’t, discard it. Sometimes it’s not easy. Motivation makes you feel good. Breaking that state of motivation makes you feel the cold of the wind and look at dirt of the ground once again. But life’s not fluffy or warm all the time. Many times, when you have to take action, you have to get down and dirty. So do it. Harness that skill and you will control your emotions, your capability for action, and achieve peak performance almost immediately.