Hit Song “Call Me Maybe Makes Songwriter An International Star

September 10, 2019 Off By Soham Collins

Naming a star after someone from a company like International Star Registry has been going on in history since the late 1970s. It is a beautiful gift and a real way to commemorate a person. Naming a star is usually done by a person who buys a copyrighted name within the cosmos. The star name is truly authentic and is done internationally as well as locally, and once purchased the name is copyrighted and recorded in the constellation directory.

The national star registry will pick a star in the heavens and you get to pick a name for it. Add their names together as the new star. The Registry will send them a certificate of a new star in their honor.

So – what’s your guess as to how many people are still holding on? 18? 15? 12? 9? 6? 5? 4?3? Stop! Three it is. A whopping 12%. Better than average actually. The chances really good that they will succeed and continue on throughout the year and then set newer, bigger goals. The rest have already gone back to their old habits and we are only into the middle of February. It made my study easy anyway!

8) Nightwatch – Not since Sergei Eisenstein have people been excited to see a movie from Russia (that’s about 50 years ago if your keeping track). This movie employed cutting edge effects and made a huge splash among sci-fi and horror fans. A trilogy in the making (Daywatch, and the third installment Twilight Watch) this film is a classic light versus dark, evil versus good movie. You will have to wait till 2009 to finish up the trilogy but it wouldn’t hurt to watch the other two a couple of times before hand to follow the sometimes confusing plot.

10) Amelie – I got a soft spot for this movie. It’s simply fantastic, fun, and something you can share with others. Perhaps one of the best French movies of all-time. Audrey Toutou brings life to this role of a women who lives in a world that doesn’t seem real but is all too real. A very fun and loving flick to share with your significant other.

Manny Pacquiao is a boxing star that dominates the headlines even if he doesn’t win the round. The popular celebrity isn’t thinking about boxing at the moment and it’s worrying the fans. As the only boxer to win eight different weight classes is in the middle of campaign season, the last thing he is thinking about is throwing a punch in the ring. On Wednesday the star talked briefly to The Philippine Star but didn’t want to discuss boxing at all.

Gael Garcia Bernal (Mexico) While Bernal starred in Amores Perros and Y tu Mama tambien, his real fame in the U.S. came when he played a young Che in The Motorcycle Diaries.

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