Central Illinois Poetry Club Delivers Inspirational Poetry

January 16, 2020 Off By Soham Collins

I am calling this an abnormal movie review for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that I actually got to see this movie a few weeks before it is to be released. Second, Rob Reiner was there to talk about the movie. A few minutes later, Rob Reiner was joined on stage by the always entertaining, Jack Nicholson. If that was not amazing enough, a few minutes went by and Morgan Freeman ran through the audience and did a dance on stage before hugging Rob Reiner and then sitting down and joining the stars for a question and answer session about the movie. Third, I do poetry, not movie reviews!

Go out today and try to think out of the box, stop putting limitations on yourself, the skies the limit. Michael showed us that it is possible to live your dreams, maybe not for ever but for a brief moment in time you too can have it all. Each morning I listen to a very see my link tape created by nationally recognized Motivational speaker Les Brown and he always talks about this word “Possible” what do you feel is possible. Remember your life is about Choices, Challenges and Change, what choice you are going to make, are you going to be complacent and just live your life as you have till now are you going to take a stand for change and live your life full of possibilities.

However, another word of caution when starting in your ventures: beware of friends, family or circumstances wanting to reel you back to your previous dead end and comfort zone under the guise of saving you from disaster. Doubt and fear will be your betrayers convincing you back into the shackles of mediocrity. Stay true to your ‘WHYS’ and persevere through unenlightened good intentions or you will be enslaved by an ‘un-becoming’ life of struggle, regret and frustration.

If you constantly say to yourself things such as: I can’t, I’m not good at, I’m not sure how, I don’t know how to… than guess what will happen? You’ll get exactly what you think! Ask and you shall receive is not just a saying – it is a true principle and how the visible and invisible Universe works.

Believe in yourself and your abilities and your life will begin to improve. Eventually, people will respect you. Your motivation and also enthusiasm will dramatically increase. Some people may find it easy to change while others not. It is entirely up you.

Trust the professionals in your life. Your doctor went to school for around seven or eight years. Any fitness coaches or nutritionists in your life also have certification, training and lots of personal experience. If you think you need it, find a support group in your area. This is really critical if a lot of the folks in your life are also overweight and not yet ready to work on it themselves, they will just not be all that supportive. Likewise, if you have a lot of skinny friends, they might not just understand. Have someone to talk to and hold you accountable.

Daniel is a great protagonist. He’s easy to like and an all around good kid. He stands up for what is right and he’s not afraid to get a little good-natured revenge when the opportunity arises. Johnny doesn’t quite see it that way, and is content with seriously hurting him. Fortunately, Mr. Miyagi, who has been most generous with fixing things and introducing him to the beauty of bonsai trees, is also a master of karate. He’s knowledgeable when it comes to fish and fighting, and strikes a deal with the merciless Kreese (“This is a karate dojo, not a knitting class!”). His negotiation grants a truce between the students for two months until he can teach Daniel to fight against Johnny in a real karate tournament.

The bottom line is this: distraction is better than reaction. If you plan your lessons well, with plenty of fun and interesting activities, the children will be so wow’ed (distracted) by the fun they’re having that, other than small spats, there shouldn’t be any real need for corporal style discipline. On the other hand, when a student decides to challenge your authority, it’s like boiling water. As the water heats up, there’s one bubble and then another and another and before you know it, you’re cooked. If one student gets away with misbehaving, you’ll soon have a whole class room of students misbehaving.