Be Aware Of The Effects Of Negative Thinking

March 26, 2020 Off By Soham Collins

Makeup techniques and drastic changes through cosmetic surgery will have to take a back seat for now. We will be taking the other route to beauty, the road less traveled because it takes more patience and perseverance to be able to get there- improving your inner self. An adorable pancreas sounds good but this is deeper than that. A beautiful you on the inside proves to be more lasting and and inspiring than a perfect face with a draining character.

Develop a new hobby or sport. Learn a culture. Start a blog. All of these ideas can be a healthy distraction. Living a lonesome life makes you grow old faster. So try an activity that will sharpen your mind while you’re away from your partner. This may not have a direct effect on your relationship but it will keep the good Tomorrow is a new day going. These good vibes will prevent you from being paranoid, anxious and unreasonable.

Yet, it’s like a vicious circle. The more negative you get, the more negative they get, and so on. You must resolve this before anything good vibes can happen. You have to throw a wrench in this negativity cycle and break it, otherwise you may get to the point where your ex just doesn’t want to see you anymore.

Take a moment to think or feel this concept: If the energy is in everything (and it is), then it’s in you, the food you eat, everyone else, every thing (and this includes money), then you’re surrounded by, permeated by, the abundance and creative aspect of All That Is.

Just like when you feel positive vibes about a friend or a family member and they get in touch with you, when you feel positive vibes about anything at all, you’re going to be attracting things that you associate with being good.

This undermines every single goal that you work on. If you don’t believe you deserve it – you will not achieve it. So you need to find a way of letting this old pattern go. And the best way I know of is by energetically neutralizing it by using Meridian Tapping. This is an easy to learn and extremely powerful energy healing tool that I personally have used for years. It is the single most powerful resource I have at my disposal, and I love teaching it to people so they can easily drop the limiting beliefs that consistently undermine their success.

Ask Coach Jeff… Question: As I understand it, Law of Attraction involves focusing your attention, then allowing the results to happen. I’m struggling with this a little, because they seem like opposites. How can I make the process work?