Adams County Winery – Part I

March 8, 2021 Off By Soham Collins

A winery tour is a memorable experience! If you love red wine you owe it to yourself to visit a winery. The majority of red wine enthusiasts take pride in learning about the various grapes, the different range of white wines and what foods each wine matches best. But, till you’ve really taken a tour through a winery, you haven’t found out all there is to understand about fine wines. And, you do not need to go all the method to the Napa Valley, the Hunter Valley or the Loire.

My other half, among my grown sons, and myself stopped there throughout a recent journey to Door County. The eve we had actually dined at Shipwrecked in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin (likewise in Door County), and had actually been given a discount coupon for a totally free tour of the temecula limo and totally free wine tasting. It appeared like too great of an offer to pass up.

We exchanged a couple of more stories and after that we purchased 4 bottles of wine to go house with us. It was simply about time for lunch, and our thoughtful trip guide “John had picked us up two box lunches of turkey sandwiches on croissant bread. We had lunch outside on the patio and took pleasure in the numerous views. We began our lunch inside however it was so nice outside we wished to take benefit of this uncommonly cool June in Paso Robles.

Scores – White wines highly rated by the Red wine Supporter or Red Wine Viewer Magazine, or Steve Tanzer, and the Red wine Enthusiast and other publications include worth.

Branding Iron Vineyard: Located in western Oakville, close to the Mayacamas Mountains, the location has a relatively warm growing climate that is ideal for slow ripening the fruit. Ripe and bright cherry tastes. Juicy and soft.

There are various towns in the location with local restaurants, so you’ll have lots of options if you desire to wander. Likewise, it’s well worth noting the charming town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri is just 25 miles away. We visited there late Sunday early morning and early afternoon. If you’re a fan of historical river towns, there’s a French impact in Cape Girardeau and it’s well worth your time.

What is the obvious choice for a marketing item for our campaign? Well, there are 2. We might go with a bottle opener or some inexpensive wine glasses with our name on them. Are we going to do this? If we desire to bring in next to no crowd and communicate to those that do reveal up that we are extremely ugly, only. Since neither of these are our goals, let’s attempt something else.

Stay tuned for part III of this series where I’ll tell you how John Kramb pertained to buy the Adams County Winery. It’s a terrific story and I’m sure you’ll delight in hearing it.

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