Update: Beatles Friend Tony Sheridan’s Condition Improving

July 22, 2019 Off By Soham Collins

As a business it can be quite overwhelming to start using social media. Everywhere you look, on the TV, in the news, in articles, some one or something is telling you that need to be on Facebook or Twitter, because that is where your customers are at.

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Share teasers about your latest work. Make sure that the board is properly labelled so that fans know there will be teasers, in case they don’t want to find out any information. Never include anything that will potentially spoil the ending of the book. Teaser pictures which are harder to interpret are great, because they will get your fans talking about the meanings and will whet their appetites.

How do you get people to read what you write? Do you dare… share? Writers have a need to write, but not necessarily a need to share. For a while, you can come here and find places to share your work. It’s your work. It’s your creativity. It’s your imagination being set free, and you should share.

Second, My Pinterest gives you great market research. When you click on the number of followers you have, you can see the age groups, gender and other boards these people are following.

Luckily for us all in today’s age, we have this thing called the INTERNET. Hence, we really have to count our blessings, because if it weren’t for the internet we would probably be doing the same things as above when it comes to prospecting! (ie. walking up to people, grabbing them by the shoulders and make them listen to your ranting about the thing you’re selling! You’re lucky if they stuck around! Either that, they will just simply won’t look at you and just walk away).

It may be time to do an assessment on how well your website is ranking in search results. If you can see room for improvement, try using some of these techniques, or ask an SEO professional for assistance.