How To Choose A Small Dog Bed

September 21, 2019 Off By Soham Collins

The big day has arrived and you are off to get your new puppy. You have remembered to get the dog bed, food and plenty of toys. Then you suddenly remember, “I wonder have the new arrival will get on with our other dog?”.

One of the very first duties that an owner has towards a puppy dog is in the choosing. Pick the best breed, if you’ve got a small home, go for a smaller or middle sized dogs. Larger breeds, great danes for example, are better off with owners who have a great deal of space and those who can dedicate more of their time to grooming and exercise. Retrievers, Labradors, dachshunds, beagles, pugs, poodles, bulldogs, and terriers have always been popular selections for family pets.

You will, of course, have her water bowl next to her food bowl. To retain her spoiled dog status, you must place a water bowl for her in the bathroom closest to your bedroom. A bowl should be used outside too.

Puppy proof your home by purchasing plastic or rubber runners for electrical cords. Tape all electrical cords to the wall if possible. Tucking cords behind the couch will not work, as a puppy can crawl under or behind the couch and chew on electrical cords. TV, stereo and other wires can be tied up or protected with rubber runners that are sold at hardware stores. Puppies do not realize that chewing on wires is dangerous or that it can electrocute them.

Always check that the filling of the Dog bed will remain sanitary, or can be washed itself. A dog bed must be kept off of the actual floor or ground surface (unless it is in your home on clean floors, of course). If you use it in a dog kennel, then a flat pad is fine. Some Hunter hundeseng actually look like a hammock, and the dog is suspended off the ground and kept quite comfortable and dry.

When you take your dog outside to go potty and he does, then you should make him feel really good about his accomplishment! Be playful, pet him a lot, give him dog treats.

Put your dog’s nose up to his accident and say “no”, using a slightly forceful tone is good, you want him to know that it’s not acceptable, (But no yelling). Then proceed to take him outside and see if he needs to go again.

Basic bed or fancy–whether he’s stretched out on a doggie chaise lounge, curled up in a canopied bed, or lounging on a regular rectangular bed–as long as it’s comfortable, your dog will feel happy and secure in his safe haven.