Engage Fans On Facebook Sell Music Online And Profit

July 25, 2019 Off By Soham Collins

If you want to become successful in the music industry, there many things you need to know and do. But even if you get all that right, you can prevent yourself from reaching big success by making critical mistakes along the way (and there are many potential mistakes one could make, when not being careful). After coaching and mentoring many musicians and bands seeking a career in music, the same patterns of false assumptions, problems and mistakes appear over and over again. Here are the top 10.

There is one side of music artist promotion that has been coming up more and more recently so I want to discuss it in this article. What I’m talking about is the concept of local music promotion sites.

Remember, the music industry is quite dynamic and competitive nowadays. There is said to be a large gap between your music and a potential fan and an even larger gap between your music and a record label. Having a sound marketing plan could help you bridge this gap and eventually make you a step closer to that record label.

YouTube isn’t the only platform for promoting music for free. By utilizing YouTube in congruence with sites like WordPress and Blogger, bands can feed their videos through to a worldwide audience in as little as one hour! I know, because I’ve done it. Only, I don’t use my own videos. Every week, I comb through YouTube scouting for all the new indie artist songs this Internet monster has to offer. Sometimes the pickin’s are slim, but every once in a while, I’ll type in just the right search words, and PRESTO! I’ve found one week’s worth of blog video content. Wonderful. But how in the world does this market the music?

NY Rock Music Examiner: Your appearance at Ridgefield Playhouse and BB Kings are your only NY-CT dates. Is this tour only of the Northeast or were there other shows before that?

E.B.:In a nut shell, air travel is the worst part about touring. It’s changed a lot since I first started. Let me correct you though, for these particular shows, I will be using a different drummer, Jim Christie, since our usual drummer Brannen isn’t able to make it out.

YouTube is yet another tool in music promotion; you need to understand how to use it effectively so as to maximise your exposure level as well as attract millions of viewers. Most renowned music artist used this route to reach where they are, so if you want to make it too, try it out.