Art Lessons Offered At Pma

May 25, 2019 Off By Soham Collins

Is learning guitar easy? Short answer – NO. Never was, never will be. Anyone telling you differently is either misinformed or lying. Nothing worth achieving is easy, that’s just a fact of life. Learning any musical instrument is hard work and guitar is certainly not an exception.

An additional idea for a Letter N activity is to make name art. This is a wonderful activity because it helps the children to learn how to write and read their names as well. Read “Name Art Projects for Kids” for some good suggestions. You could also just simply help each child make a name sign (for their bedroom perhaps) using letter stickers and/or cut outs.

Kameron is my five year old son. When we travel the back roads of Harris County I occasionally let him slip into my lap and drive the car. He loves this but it literally drives his mother bananas. He places both hands on the wheel and off we go. I believe in letting my children make mistakes so they can learn from them. So, occasionally we leave the road. Sometimes we cross the center line and these are opportunities for me to teach. Sometimes I have to grip the steering wheel to save a good neighbor’s mailbox. Kameron wants me to let go because he thinks he can drive the car without my help.

I always considered a Unit Plan similar to a road Atlas. It is a tool that helps get to where you want to go over a period of time. I considered a teachers resources as a daily itinerary. Both were vital to the success of my journey. With that in mind, lets consider the important use of each item.

Make sure the guitar is structurally sound. Check for cracks, open seams, rattling or anything else that might not seem right such as warped wood. If you see any of this stuff don’t buy the guitar.

God reminds us that He is in control. Read the first ten words of the Holy Script. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…” The first concept God wanted us to grasp was that he was in control. We act foolishly when we attempt to wrestle control of our lives away from God.

5: Say goodbye to disks and Memory Sticks forever: Remember when you install DropBox on a PC or Mac the computer views it as a physical drive like a memory stick. Click and save. Rename Files, whatever, no messy uploading and downloading or multiple files appearing. And best of all you won’t need a memory stick or disk anymore. Last week I saved a 700 mb movie on my drop box account in less than 2 minutes. I doubt my memory stick could even match that speed. I bought an 8 GB memory stick before Christmas and it has about 3 files on it now, I used to fill these things (and lose them) regularly.