2 Things To Keep In Mind When Naming Your Blog

February 10, 2020 Off By Soham Collins

I’m going to cover the pillars to creating good quality, magnetic blog content that will bring in traffic, fans and fortunes if you stick with it for a few weeks.

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Another Christian work at home job that would help you keep the faith is to design and create your own patterns, crafts, and candles. Great ways to advertise your business is to blog it, or create a website store to market your crafts and creations. Often these can be done in the comfort of your own home, and once the orders come in you can produce the product and ship it to customers around the globe. If it becomes a little overwhelming, you can always find someone to compliment your strengths and weaknesses and make Blogging the Boys a partner.

When you get to your location, no matter how well the conversation seems to be flowing, don’t stay in the same place for too long. Things can get stale, and you want to keep the pace brisk–at least at this stage of the game.

BONUS TIP – Use the Long Island Exchange! It’s an online Business Directory that provides a whole bunch of different information on Long Island businesses in all industries. It can be very helpful to read a little bit about a company before you contact them, and the Long Island Exchange also lists reviews for every company on there, so you can see what other Long Islanders have to say about a particular company’s service.

It is a Clique: It was like going back to High School. The biz owners in this town were wary of outsiders. There were certain groups of owners, who disliked other local biz owners as well. It is very hard to break into the market there. Befriending one business owner, may mean you are losing business with three more people. Even with a large office paying high taxes, it wasn’t enough to legitimize yourself in the town. On top of that, competition was severely frowned upon. We were told “we were making waves” with our directory. Apparently another online directory in the area was perturbed with us entering the market. Instead of addressing the obvious design flaws, overpricing and complete lack of social media/S.E.O knowledge of their own site, they decided to complain about us to the “clique”.

AG: I read that you grew up going to local shows at some of the bay area’s best venues (Bottom of the Hill, Slims, etc) — what is one show that sticks out in your memory?

Now, after three weeks of avoiding your ex, she’s probably starting to miss you just as much as you miss her. This is the time to give her a call and set a meeting for you two to catch up. But be warned, if you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend to come back, you’re going to have to approach this meeting very carefully.